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Aircraft Cabin Management September/October 2021

Aircraft Cabin Management -September October 2021

It may have wreaked havoc on the aviation industry, but the pandemic has also brought with it some valuable lessons. In the first of our Industry Voices columns in this issue, aerospace trade association ADS elaborates on how, since Covid shut down live events, it has reimagined the concept of the exhibition in a digital format.

The result is the Digital Cabin, which began life as a generic aircraft interior model that subsequently became customised as companies added specific elements such as seats, armrests or galleys. They provided their own CAD models and material customisations for ADS’ creative agency to re-create in 3D and to scale – read all about this fascinating project on page 12.

In our second thought leadership piece on page 14, Franklin Products reflects on how there will always be the need to travel. Virtual communication may be convenient; however, it cannot replace the necessity for physical interaction. The important thing is to ensure that we are ready to take advantage of the opportunities ahead once things return to normal.

Recent events have sparked a greater interest in cleanliness in the context of the fight against the virus and, while refurbishment has always been an attractive alternative to new equipment, it is more appealing now than ever. This is a result of the way that airlines are looking to balance the need for cost-wise recovery with passengers’ desires for spruced-up, clean-looking cabins (see page 22
for details).

With the welcome return of the hugely important trade show AIX earlier this month, albeit in virtual form, and IATA reporting “significant momentum” when it comes to the latest figures for both international and domestic air travel, it looks like aviation is bouncing back – and it can’t come a moment too soon.

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