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Air BP marks International Women’s Day

photo_camera Video features women talking about their thoughts about inclusion
Fuel supplier Air BP has marked international women’s day with a video featuring some of its female employees talking about their experiences, particularly around inclusion and how to inspire it while working for the company.
Sandra Souza, a Senior Service Engineer questioned why the split between men and women was not equal.
“To try and understand the reasons behind this, If I don’t feel any limitations or constraints for myself why the number is not equal. So for me, the challenge is to keep this discussion live and talk to my colleagues about it”.
“I don’t have the answer, but I have some ideas”.
Technical and Operations Lead Cassie Li has a slightly different experience in that her workgroup has a mix of men and women.
“For my team, the Air BP China team, has 15 team members, nine females, six males.
in my small team the technical and operation team consists of four. My line manager is also a female and she is an expert who is very well known in the aviation industry within China.
Azahar Al Majed, the first female crew leader at Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company suggested that workshops on the subject of leadership as well as more discussion on how to not only attract women into the industry, but how to retain them was also important.
“Providing the full support needed and understanding her needs and appreciate her spot”, she suggested.
Ana Carolina Oliviera, a Process Analyst for South America explained how she felt working for a big company like Air BP was a good role model for others.
“I feel very proud when my daughter, she sees me is working and I think that working in Air BP can give her a lot of inspiration so she she sees that she can work in a big company and talk with people around the world and and this will have a big influence on her personal and professional life in the future”.

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