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Boeing CEO: ‘We’re starting from a very anxious moment with our customers’

photo_camera Calhoun and other Boeing executives sought to reassure employees

Boeing President and CEO Dave Calhoun has hosted a meeting with all employees where he spoke of the importance of safety the importance of safety following the recent incident where an ascending 737-9 MAX  lost a door plug, resulting in sudden decompression.

“Everything matters, every detail,” he told the audience. “I know I’m preaching to the choir here… It’s a reminder for the seriousness with which we have to approach our work”.

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On the subject of the aircraft type being grounded, Calhoun said: “I know first hand how hard it is for leadership teams to ground aeroplanes, much less to ground fleet and they had to ground every single aeroplane that had this configuration in the world and they did it quickly, and that prevented another accident or another moment”.

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“We have a communications task with all of our customers. Moments like this shake them to the bone, just like it shook me… They have confidence in us, they do, and they will again, but we are going to have to demonstrate it by our actions, our willingness to work directly and transparently with them, and to make sure that every airplane in the sky that Boeing has its name on is in fact safe, and we will see our way through that.

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“But we need to know that we are starting from a very anxious moment with our customers and we simply have to deal with that reality.”

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Boeing, along with component suppliers such as Spirit Aero Systems shares have dropped since the incident on an Alaska Airlines aircraft on January 5th. Airline customers are keen to know both what happened to cause the incident, and when the type can start flying again.


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