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“We are going to revolutionise the industry”: SE Aeronautics unveils fuel-efficient widebody airliner concept

SE Aeronautics

US-based start-up SE Aeronautics has launched a new triple-wing widebody airliner concept – the SE200 – which is 100 per cent monocoque molded.

The ambitious new design features innovative technologies and will lower fuel consumption by 70 per cent, according to SE Aeronautics [SE stands for super-efficient]. It will also lower CO2 emissions by 80 per cent as measured by per seat kilometer.

“The innovative design is a more efficient, light-tri wing configuration that greatly improves lift over drag, resulting in short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities and extremely long flights,” said SE Aeronautics’ chief engineer Lloyd Weaver.

“The construction is all composite, molded in one tough, safer piece. We also incorporated super thin, long wings and complete streamlining from the nose to the tail.”

The SE200 will be able to carry up to 264 passengers, function as a light-weight regional or long range airliner, and has a non-stop range of 10,560 miles.

SE200 infographic
Source: SE Aeronautics. Click to enlarge.

The new design is also expected to double the lifespan of an aircraft, SE Aeronautics said, while reducing overall block hour cost by half when compared to other aircraft its size. The fuselage consists of one solid-molded piece that is “many times stronger than existing aircraft”. The fuel is not stored in the wings but in self sealing bladders on top of the fuselage. In the event of emergency landing over water, the aircraft floats.

In a nod to safety concerns surrounding Covid-19, the aircraft utilises a feed ventilation system that does not recirculate air in the cabin.

“This aircraft will be the most practical, profitable and permanent solution to the grossly underperforming airliner technology of today,” commented SE Aeronautics’ CEO Tyler Mathews.

“Our manufacturing efficiency will allow us to produce our aircraft in significantly less time than the current traditional method. But the jewel in the crown is really our ability to get that fuel consumption rate down by 70 per cent. We are going to revolutionise the industry.”

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