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Wizz sets ‘10% by 2030’ SAF goal

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
photo_camera More industry support for SAF needed, says airline (Pic: Wizz Air)

Wizz Air has announced it intends to power 10% of its air miles with SAF by 2030, although it has urged wider industry action in order to make this goal possible.

The airline’s corporate and ESG officer, Yvonne Moynihan made the announcement at an event held by Firefly, one of its SAF production partners.

To hit the new target, the airline is also calling for wider industry action to boost SAF production, urging policymakers to address current barriers to SAF deployment at scale.

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Yvonne Moynihan, Corporate and ESG Officer at Wizz Air, said: “Wizz Air celebrates two decades of transformation this year, transitioning from a small airline into a global leader of sustainable aviation and affordable travel. Alongside fleet renewal and operational efficiency, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions from aviation. Our investment in Firefly, which has the potential to reduce our lifecycle emissions by 100,000 tonnes CO2-eq per year, underscores our commitment to mainstream the use of SAF in our operations by 2030. However, achieving our aspiration requires a significant ramp-up of SAF production and deployment. Therefore, we call on policymakers to address barriers to SAF deployment at scale by incentivising production, providing price support, and embracing additional sustainable feedstocks for biofuel production.”

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Wizz Air has often made the claim that it is the ‘greenest’ airline due to it’s high load factors and fleet of A22o-family aircraft. In 2023, Wizz Air achieved its record low annual average CO2 intensity result, which amounted to 51.5 grams per passenger/km, a 6.8% reduction year-on-year.

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