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737-9 MAX Grounding: FAA recommends further checks on 737-900ER models

photo_camera Inspection of a door plug on a further aircraft type will be carried out

In light of the door plug failure and subsequent grounding of the Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft type, the U.S Federal Aviation Administration has recommended that operators of the older 737-900ER conduct similar checks.

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In a statement, the safety body said: “As an added layer of safety, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is recommending that operators of Boeing 737-900ER aircraft visually inspect mid-exit door plugs to ensure the door is properly secured. The Boeing 737-900ER is not part of the newer MAX fleet but has the same door plug design”.

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“In accordance with their Safety Management Systems, operators conducted additional inspections on the Boeing 737-900ER following the loss of a mid-cabin door plug on a Boeing 737-9 MAX airplane on January 5th”.

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The action comes days after the FAA announced that it is going to inspect and audit the production facility at Boeing, as well as those of it’s suppliers.

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