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EasyJet axes 1,700 summer flights

easyJet A320 aero capital solutions

UK-based low cost carrier easyJet has axed two percent of its scheduled flights over the coming months, with London Gatwick bearing the brunt of a majority of the cancelled services.

Easyjet A320
Cancellations blames on congestion over Europe (Pic: Press photo, July 2020)

The airline cites congestion in European airspace as a reason for the cuts, with the closure of airspace above the border between Russia and Ukraine having a knock-on effect across the continent.

Staff shortages were not to blame for the cutbacks, with the airline saying in a statement that there were ‘more crew and pilots flying than ever before’. Last year, carriers all around the world struggled to cope with the influx of passengers following the pandemic.

By acting in advance of the late summer schedule, the airline hopes to establish a more reliable schedule. Most cancellations are on the highest frequency routes, and easyJet has said that ’95 percent of customers have been rebooked’.


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