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Embraer and Rheinmetall plan to expand C-390 training

photo_camera Training deal to the benefit of C-390 operators

Embraer and Rheinmetall are in discussions to expand their training network with a focus on the C-390. The aim is evaluate the needs of the increasing number of C-390 European customers with respect to training.

Currently, there is an Embraer C-390 Training Centre in Brazil, in the state of São Paulo, featuring a Full Flight and Mission Simulator (FFMS) and a Loadmaster Training Station, where Brazilian, Portuguese, and Hungarian Air Forces C-390 crews are having their initial training. Embraer and Rheinmetall aim to analyse ways to increase proximity with their current and future C-390 customers, to ease the training for pilots, loadmasters, mechanics, and additional crew members.

“With the ongoing success of the C-390 throughout Europe, it is the right moment to start the evaluation and planning for a European C-390 training hub, providing comprehensive training facilities for aircrew and cargo operation training,” mentions Timo Haas, CDO of Rheinmetall AG and Deputy CEO of Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH.

“We want to create the best conditions for our C-390 customers, by offering the best-in-class training. We continuously monitor the network and assess customized solutions per region as the fleet grows,” said Ayslan Anholon, Vice President for Flight Operations & Training, Embraer Services & Support.


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