FLYR Labs launches custom configurations for low cost and start-up airlines

Immersive Technology

FLYR Labs has released new custom configurations for is cloud-based revenue operating system, Cirrus, purpose-built for low cost and start-up airlines.

The new configurations will provide smaller carriers with access to FLYR’s AI-based forecasting and continuous pricing technologies, ancillary products and total revenue optimisation products.

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“We designed our Cirrus platform as a uniquely modular technology with support for any airline type, ranging from large global network carriers that require flow optimisation, to LCCs and ULCCs, or all in between,” said FLYR’s CEO and founder Alex Mans.

“To best support LCC and start-up airline needs, we’re also forging new industry partnerships. We believe that every airline, no matter their size or budget, deserves access to the very best tools – better forecasting and confident pricing will be everyone’s pinnacle to success in 2022 and beyond.”

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