Software and technology solutions business Accelya is to supply US low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines with revenue management (‘airRM’) solutions.

Following a successful trial, the Denver-based airline has implemented Accelya’s Revenue Management, inventory control, and reporting tool to unlock revenue opportunities across all its routes.

As Accelya’s largest US customer for revenue management, Frontier joins the likes of Ryanair and Vueling, who already rely on Accelya’s software to optimize pricing decisions and better respond to changing market conditions.

Trusted by over 80 of the world’s most successful airlines, the state-of-the-art tool aggregates data from a variety of sources – including real-time competitor insights – to offer alternative approaches to traditional forecasting methods.

“Even in the trial phase, our revenue management solutions enabled Frontier Airlines to identify sales opportunities with ease, closely control pricing, and monitor the competitive environment to maximize revenues,” commented Mark Hollander, SVP Commercial – Americas at Accelya. “With our intuitive tools now in use across all Frontier Airlines routes, we look forward to supporting the carrier as it continues to navigate today’s ever changing market conditions.”

“Accelya’s comprehensive revenue optimization functionality and expert support have played a crucial role in driving Frontier’s revenue per passenger to above pre-pandemic levels,” added Emily Smith, Director, Pricing and Revenue Management, at Frontier Airlines. “We’re excited to start this next phase of our collaboration as we seek to improve our revenue generation by fully implementing Accelya’s revenue management tools and capabilities.”

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