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Industry report: ‘Regulations tend not to deliver the best solution’

Technical consultancy P3 Group has urged professionals in aviation not to rely on governments and regulators to decarbonise the industry at an acceptable rate.
In a report, titled ‘Decarbonisation of Aviation’ the authors list two options for enacting change in the SAF market. The first of these is to wain until regulators have established national policies in markets around the world. However this option is not recommended.
“Unfortunately, regulations do not tend to deliver the best solution. Not only are they too lax in general but create heterogeneous supply chains around the world”, explained the report. It clarified this by explaining that differing targets, domestic feedstocks and subsidies ‘are designed to support local communities and needs’ rather than taking a worldwide view, which according to the report will at best provide only short-term benefits. In more extreme cases the report warns that companies that haven’t acted in advance of legislation will leave themselves exposed to market conditions.

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‘Analogies from the transformation in other industries show that waiting too long played out badly for incumbents,’ the report noted.
Instead, the document advises airlines and airports ‘build broad partnerships and cooperation’ sooner rather than later.
The white paper is one of a number on the subject of sustainable mobility produced by the consultancy.

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