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Low Cost & Regional Airline Business October 2019 Digital Issue

Norwegian is the latest casualty over the MAX fiasco. The low cost carrier announced that it will terminate
its transatlantic operations between Ireland and the United States in the wake of the MAX grounding. Norwegian clawed its way into the transatlantic narrowbody market operating from secondary airports and offering markedly lower fares – to create disruption in one of the most mature air travel markets using the MAX 8. Obviously, the longer range and fuel efficiency that these latest generation narrowbodies bring, made the business case to launch operations.

It took the airline about three years to gain approval from the American authorities for its Irish subsidiary Norwegian Air International to launch services from Ireland and Scotland to the US. Usually, according to our friends at CAPA, approval for similar operations takes roughly 60 days, but Norwegian faced fierce opposition, mostly from labour unions Stateside who accused the company of using a flag ...