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Ryanair calls for UK government to scrap 14-day quarantine measures

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Ryanair has again called on the Irish and UK Government to drop their “unimplementable and ineffective” 14-day quarantine measures, which are now being scrapped in most other European countries in favour of face masks and social distancing.

The low-cost airline, which is due to resume widespread flights from 1 July, has said that it welcomes new EU guidelines to ensure that Europe’s citizens can return to flying within the European Union in the coming weeks.

Ryanair group CEO Michael O’Leary said: “Fourteen-day quarantines are ineffective and unimplementable. Requiring international arrivals to quarantine only after they have used multiple public transport providers to get from the airport to their ultimate destination has no basis in science or medicine.

“We strongly urge Europe’s Governments, especially those in Ireland and the UK, to mandate to the wearing of face masks for airline, train and (London) underground passengers, as this is the best and most effective way to limit the spread of Covid-19 in public transport environments where social distancing is not possible.

“We welcome the European Union’s recommendation on face masks, and call again on the Irish and UK Government to abandon their unexplainable, ineffective, and unimplementable quarantine restrictions.

“Europe’s citizens can travel safely on their summer holidays wearing face masks and observing temperature protocols, but 14-day quarantines have no scientific basis, are unimplementable and unnecessary in circumstances where airline, train and underground passengers wear face masks where social distancing isn’t possible.”

Ryanair released its latest financial report last week, in which it revealed that it expects a loss of more than €200m in the current quarter due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and the subsequent government travel restrictions imposed.

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