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Breeze completes GTF engine order and MRO contract with Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney and Breeze Airways have finalised agreements for GTF engines to power a total of 80 A220-300 aircraft, with the manufacturer also supplying engine MRO services through a long-term ‘EngineWise’ agreement.

Breeze unveiled its first A220-300 yesterday (26 October). The airline originally ordered 60 of the type in 2018, and recently ordered a further 20.

“We are excited to fly our first Airbus A220 and to grow our fleet in partnership with Pratt & Whitney,” said Breeze Airways’ founder and CEO David Neeleman. “At Breeze, we’re working to make flying accessible and ‘seriously nice’ for everyone. With industry-leading fuel efficiency, Pratt & Whitney’s engines will help us fly more passengers, farther, quieter and more sustainably, at lower fares.”

Pratt & Whitney’s chief commercial officer Rick Deurloo commented: “We are honoured that Breeze chose to continue to expand its fleet with GTF-powered aircraft.

“For decades we’ve worked with David and the airlines he’s founded, and together we’ve helped them grow into successful businesses. We’re looking forward to taking all that experience to help the Breeze team build another winning airline.”

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