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“Building capability for the future”: APOC Aviation disassembles two CFM56-7B engines

APOC Aviation

APOC Aviation is disassembling two CFM56-7B engines, with components brought into stock in mid-December.

The engines – ESN874488 and ESN888169 – were previously operated and maintained by a North American carrier, APOC said.

Disassembly is taking place in tandem at two teardown facilities in the USA.

APOC said it would consider selling part of the material in ‘as removed guaranteed repairable’ condition, giving engine MROs the opportunity to overhaul the parts themselves. Other components will be repaired by APOC for stock and these will be available in the first quarter of 2021.

“This work is being carried out by two valued partners that we’re excited to start engine teardown partnerships with,” said APOC Aviation’s Jim Nypels, who noted that the CFM56-7B was a sought-after engine candidate for teardown.

“We are building capability for the future and evaluate our engines on strict criteria – in particular maintenance history and records, LLP status and QEC inventory. We have been very active in the engines marketplace in recent months and these form part of the portfolio of five CFM56 engines that we purchased for leasing, trading and teardown.”

With airlines delaying full engine shop visits, APOC’s engine division is focused on two main strategies according to Nypels. “One is to provide ‘green time’ lease options to support operators as they begin to transition to normal service,” he said. “The other is to fulfil the demand for AR and OH parts as engine shops perform lighter workscopes to save maintenance costs whilst keeping the global fleet flying.”

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