Ceva Logistics wins parts contract with Airbus

Ceva Logistics

Ceva Logistics has been awarded a five-year contract to manage spare parts and components for Airbus at the aircraft manufacturer’s site in Hamburg, Germany.

The contract, which takes effect immediately, will see the company become responsible for consolidating spare parts and components at the site from other locations across Europe, including Germany, France, Spain and the UK.

At the 21,000 square metre facility, Ceva Logistics plans to implement more than 20 improvement projects to transform and improve the efficiency of the site over the next five years.  Dedicated to spare parts kits, the facility is expected to expand in the coming years to cater to Airbus’ own production development plan.

The stock that will be managed is divided into shelving, pallets and large-scale parts with an average of 31 kit line items.

The core process inbound requires 100 per cent quality, put away, picking of materials and advance kitting with outbound and special consolidations projects being available to meet special airline requirements. The team will put emphasis on quality and value-added services.

Service performance for Airbus will be improved across the board with new KPIs introduced year on year. Helping the customer with new challenges such as additional warehouse units and an improvement project strategy for the following years will also be areas of focus the company states.

Ceva’s CEO, Mathieu Friedberg said: “Ceva’s exceptional capabilities in aerospace logistics have been recognised by Airbus with the awarding of this long-term contract.

“Our two companies have successfully worked together on other projects previously and the depth of Ceva’s specialist knowledge in this industry combined with its operational and delivery solutions have been key to securing this new business.”

The new contract will see the company further strengthen its international aerospace business.

Visit cevalogistics.com for more information.

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