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2Excel Engineering achieves component maintenance accreditation

2Excel Engineering has achieved accreditation from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) enabling it to carry out component maintenance at its base in Lasham, Hampshire, in the UK.

The MRO company already holds accreditation to perform ‘A’ rated checks on several aircraft types, including Boeing 727, 737 and 757, Airbus A320 family, Beechcraft King Air and Piper PA-31.

Receiving the ‘C’ accreditation will allow maintenance of aircraft parts too, the company said, including detailed inspection of airframes, engines and accessories, heavy lubrication and corrosion prevention programme, as well as flight control calibration, testing of major internal mechanisms and fulfilment of service bulletin requirements.

A six-month project led to 2Excel Engineering achieving the accreditation, in which it demonstrated competency and capabilities to the regulator.

“This is a great accomplishment, not just for 2Excel Engineering, but for a business of this size that has only been operational for six years,” said 2Excel Engineering’s CEO Matt Caswell. “I applaud the efforts of the team who worked so hard towards the submission, especially in the context of the global pandemic and the challenges that the aviation industry faced.

“The decision to pursue this accreditation meant an overhaul of systems from the base’s previous operation, acquired from ATC Lasham in 2016, mostly in terms of administration and software development, for example, but the key skills required were still here and still hugely relevant.

“Earning this ‘C’ rating accreditation will now open new opportunities for our business whilst extending the level of support we can offer to both new and existing clients. I am sure this is just the first of many exciting business announcements from 2Excel Engineering over the coming months.”

Click here to read a recent Q&A with Matt Caswell, which first appeared in MRO Management magazine.

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