Constant Aviation partners with US college to establish maintenance career pathway

Constant Aviation is partnering with a US technical college to provide a career pathway in aviation maintenance.

The partnership with Western Technical College of El Paso, Texas, aims to provide flexible, long-term career paths for students. Students will be able to exit the Western Tech programme and enter directly into the aviation workforce, earning their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications while also working at Constant Aviation.

Constant Aviation said it was seeing “rapidly growing demand” for its services, having expanded its nationwide AOG mobile response network by more than 15 per cent this year, making the partnership “timely”.

In order to fulfil needs in AOG and at facilities in Cleveland and elsewhere, Constant Aviation said it was recruiting for positions including technicians in avionics, AMT, paint, wire harness and other areas, with many positions offering signing bonuses.

“Constant Aviation’s partnership with Western Technical College will make many career opportunities available to its students,” said Constant Aviation’s head of recruiting and employee engagement Nicole Krafchek. “We have always focused on attracting top talent and team members with a passion for their careers. Western Tech’s mission, together with academic programmes that align with the aviation industry’s needs, make this partnership a perfect fit.”

Constant Aviation’s head of work force development Jim Yarborough commented: “Western Tech’s curriculums are perfectly suited as a head start to our apprentice programmes. The quality instructors at Western Tech, the outstanding curriculum and the programme’s high standards lend themselves to creating skilled technicians with outstanding earnings potential in a meaningful career.”

Western Tech’s chief executive officer Brad Kuykendall said: “Our curriculum fits seamlessly with the industry’s expectations for future generations of aviation technicians, preparing students so they immediately can transition into the field using the knowledge they’ve just developed. It’s a remarkably small commitment for the dividends that are paid.”

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