Construction starts on FEAM Aero’s aircraft mechanic training facility

Ground has been broken on the construction of a new aircraft mechanic training facility at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International (CVG) Airport.

The project is a joint venture between aircraft maintenance services specialist FEAM Aero and Epic Flight Academy.

A ceremony marking the development took place the day before the start of last week’s MRO Americas trade show in Atlanta.

Construction of the school is expected to be completed by early 2024 with enrollment due to begin shortly after.

When completed the building will be 32,292 square feet with parking and classroom space to house up to 300 students and staff.

Fred Murphy, chief executive of FEAM Aero, said he hopes to bring a “couple of hundred” of students through the programme every year making it self-sufficient for staff.

And he said he hopes the facility will help broaden the appeal of working in the aviation sector to a more diverse workforce.

“We are going to try to hit under-presented demographics,” Murphy said. “Women are 50% of the population and yet are only a tiny percentage of the workforce in the industry.

“The nature of the industry has changed and I’m confident we can appeal to a new generation of aircraft mechanics.”

Proximity of the training facility to the airport means students will be able to get valuable on-the-job experience during the 15-month course.

Murphy said many MRO specialists and airlines let experienced mechanics enter retirement during the Covid pandemic and are now fighting for the same limited pool of talent.

The need for certified aircraft mechanic technicians (AMTs) is expected to be crucial throughout the metro area in the coming years.

FEAM Aero has expanded its presence with two new hangars to service aircraft and help their customers get back into the air faster.

Cam Murphy, president of FEAM Aero, said: “The opening of this new school is a great opportunity to create a pipeline of students to become aircraft mechanic technicians and help bridge the gap of any man-power shortages.

“We want to be at the forefront and offer invaluable hands-on experience to all future AMTs. The opportunity to work on the various aircraft that enter our hangars will provide the foundational skills and knowledge for a great career.

“FEAM Aero wants to help build the AMT community of tomorrow. We are offering several scholarships totaling over $200,000 to those in the local community interested in attending Epic Flight Academy.

“Our company is dedicated to growing the pool of talent for this skillset across the industry, starting in the areas surrounding CVG.”

“This is a fantastic milestone for our community,” said Candace McGraw, chief executive of CVG Airport.

“As CVG Airport continues to be a major cargo hub, having this school available opens up new opportunities for our local residents to become an integral part of this growing and important industry right in our area.”

“We are very proud of our FAA-certified aircraft mechanic training,” said Josh Rawlins, COO of Epic Flight Academy.

“Our graduates are highly sought after and the knowledge and skills they acquire prepares each of them for rewarding careers. We are excited to be partnering with a company like FEAM Aero at this location.”

Jason Manni, principal and chief finance officer, of CCC, said: “From the initial phone call in October of 2022, to completed building in December of 2023 is a very aggressive schedule. Numerous decisions and approvals had to be made very quickly.

“CCC is grateful to be a part of this project. We have enjoyed working with the Epic Aviation, FEAM Aero and CVG teams on this project to quickly develop a first-class facility.”


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