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“Ensuring a best in class programme”: AAR sets up safety and training committee

MRO provider AAR has established a safety and training committee.

Formed at board level, the Aviation Safety and Training Committee (ASTC) will be comprised of three independent directors.

The ASTC chair will be retired US Air Force general Duncan McNabb, who last served as the ninth commander, US Transportation Command. Robert Leduc and Jennifer Vogel join him as committee members.

AAR said the ASTC had been established to assist the board of directors in the oversight of aviation safety matters relating to its operations, including training employees, promoting a robust safety culture and helping ensure the delivery of services and products “with safety as the highest priority”.

AAR’s chairman David Storch commented: “Forming the ASTC is the strategic evolution of AAR’s commitment to aviation safety, which is of the utmost importance because of the number of aircraft we touch every day and AAR’s importance to the overall aviation chain of safety.

“We have proactively established the ASTC to help the board in continuing to fulfil its fiduciary duties overseeing aviation safety matters and ensuring that AAR continues to have a best in class safety programme.”

AAR’s chief executive officer John Holmes said: “The ASTC is comprised of seasoned aviation professionals who will provide valuable oversight and guidance regarding aviation safety matters.

“As a company, we’re proud and honoured that our customers trust us to perform maintenance on their planes and the ASTC will help us deliver safety programmes that are on the cutting edge of industry practice.”

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