TARMAC Aerosave inaugurates new engine shop at French base

TARMAC Aerosave has inaugurated a new engine shop in Tarbes, France.

The new 58,200sq ft hangar will be used for engine line maintenance, dismantling and storage activities.

With three separate work areas, the hangar can offer 100 storage spots for all engine types, line engine maintenance services for CFM56 and LEAP-1A/1-B engines, and the dismantling of CFM56 family engines.

A number of engine line maintenance operations can be carried out in the new hangar, including preservations, end-of-lease procedures, boroscopies and inspections.

The original site and headquarters of TARMAC Aerosave, based at Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées airport, now includes five hangars: two widebody hangars for aircraft maintenance; two logistics hangars for storing parts removed from aircraft, and this new hangar, dedicated to the various activities related to commercial aircraft engines.

“TARMAC Aerosave is known for its expertise and care of aircraft,” said the company’s president Alexandre Brun. “In order to constantly better satisfy our customers, we want to offer them quality services for engines, by devoting specific teams, tools and workshops to engines. This new hangar is part of our development policy for the three industrial sites.”

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