ADSE and Fokker Services Group agree formal five-year strategic partnership

ADSE and Fokker Services Group have signed a five-year agreement formalising their existing partnership for current and future projects.

Together, the companies said their aim was to raise their presence in the Dutch aviation industry, and “enhance their shared and unique expertise”. Joint focus areas include product and business development, mutual project execution, sharing engineering capabilities for aircraft such as the Airbus A330, Boeing 737, Dash 8, and Fokker 70 and 100.

Fokker Services Group and ADSE first collaborated in 1996. Since then, the companies have worked together on a range of topics such as the development of their CPDLC modification and the completion of various VIP projects.

ADSE is an independent consulting and engineering company, while Fokker Services Group is an independent aviation aftermarket company.

“It is great to reconfirm our long-lasting relationship with this agreement,” said ADSE’s general director Ron van Baaren. “This allows us to continue our work to sustain, modify and optimise the current generation of aircraft and work together towards a sustainable aviation future.”

Fokker Services Group’s managing director engineering Frans van de Pol commented: “This agreement is an important new development in our partnership with ADSE. We are setting concrete foundations for our joint future. With this partnership, together we will provide customers with a wider set of resources, skills, products, and services.”

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