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AEI adds GCAM as an authorised AEI Conversion Centre

AEI B737-800SF

Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has added Grand China Aviation Maintenance Co, Ltd. (GCAM), a subsidiary of HNA Aviation Technic Co., Ltd., as the sixth authorised AEI Conversion Centre.

As part of the arrangement, Hainan Airlines will utilise the GCAM facility to convert at least three AEI B737-800SFs, with the first conversion expected to commence in the first quarter of 2024.

Formed in 1958, AEI is the oldest conversion company in existence today, providing advanced engineering solutions to aircraft owners and operators.

Robert T. Convey, AEI senior vice president of sales and marketing, said: “While the global narrowbody conversion market has slowed somewhat over the last year, we are nonetheless expanding conversion capacity as we believe the market will improve with China recording a stronger recovery over the next several years.

AEI has been a leader in global narrowbody freighter market for over 60 years, we understand the market fluctuations and are preparing to ensure our customers have as many options as possible.

“In the post-epidemic period, there is still a large demand in the cargo market, and there is a huge market potential in the Asia-Pacific region about the Boeing 737 freighter conversion business.”

Dongsheng Yang, general manager of the market development department of GCAM, said: “GCAM takes advantage of the policy of Hainan Free Trade Port, seize the market opportunity, and build the freighter conversion capacity.

“At the same time, GCAM has great advantages in product price, maintenance ability, maintenance quality and service quality, and can attract many domestic and foreign customers to Hainan in the future to carry out freighter conversion business.”

(Picture above – AEI B737-800SF. Credit: AEI)

AEI B737-800SF
After conversion, the AEI B737-800SF can accommodate eleven 88″x125″ AAA full height containers or pallets plus one AEP/AEH

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