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European authorities approve ExecuJet MRO Services to provide line maintenance throughout Europe

ExecuJet MRO Services Belgium has been approved by European regulators to provide line maintenance in other European countries.

“Following strong demand from customers, there was a need for us to offer line maintenance at locations away from our home base,” said ExecuJet MRO Services’ regional vice president of Europe Christophe de Coppel.

ExecuJet MRO Services’ main base for line maintenance in Belgium is Brussels Airport, and it has another MRO facility at Flanders International Airport, near the west Belgium city of Kortrijk, that performs mainly heavy maintenance.

“The requests from customers were ad hoc, so we decided to seek regulatory approval to have our mobile repair unit (MRU) provide line maintenance. The MRU uses a land vehicle, making it feasible for our engineers to travel throughout Belgium and to nearby countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg,” added de Coppel.

ExecuJet said its MRU is equipped with the necessary consumables, tooling, cabinets and has access to all the necessary maintenance data required to meet work order requests for scheduled line maintenance and unscheduled aircraft service.

“Our regulatory approval is significant because MRUs usually only respond to aircraft-on-the-ground (AOG) situations, but we are now approved to also use our MRU to provide line maintenance in other European countries,” said de Coppel.

The Belgium Civil Aviation Authority granted the approval and the European Aviation Safety Agency then validated it, paving the way for ExecuJet MRO Services to provide line maintenance beyond Belgium.

“Having this new capability helps us to reach a larger pool of customers and reinforces Belgium’s position as a centre for MRO in Europe,” commented de Coppel.

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