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FSG signs AlbaStar for their Boeing 737NG nose-to-tail programme

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AlbaStar – an on-demand flight services provider for tour operators based in Spain – has become the launching customer of Fokker Services Group’s (FSG) Boeing 737NG nose-to-tail (NTT) programme.

Under this programme, FSG will service a wide range of components of AlbaStar’s fleet of five Boeing 737NG, including IDGs, engine accessories, hydraulic actuators, valves, cockpit controls, and instruments.

The NTT agreement allows AlbaStar to focus on their core business by delegating the responsibilities of component availability and maintenance to FSG.

Menzo van der Beek, chief executive of FSG, said: “With the introduction of this new programme, we are fully committed to continue to drive excellence in the B737NG aftermarket, leveraging our design, production, and maintenance expertise. We take pride in having been selected by AlbaStar as their partner of choice for this platform.”

Jaime Bestard, chief operating officer and executive technical director of AlbaStar, said: “Having access to extensive pool stocks and nearby repair capabilities, FSG has proven to be the reliable, versatile partner we sought to ensure an efficient aircraft operation.

“We’re thrilled to have shaped a bespoke agreement that fits our needs as a medium-size company, and we eagerly anticipate seeing how FSG’s support contributes to our expansion plans, including doubling the size of our Boeing 737NG fleet in the following years.”

FSG’s NTT programmes date back to 1992 when the company developed the first component maintenance and availability programme to support Fokker operators.

The programme has now expanded to include the Dash-8 and CRJ series.

FSG says it has also expanded its in-house repair capabilities with the ultimate goal to reach up to 70 per cent for the Boeing B737NG platform.

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