GA Telesis disassembles five more engines to end 2022

GA Telesis HQ

GA Telesis disassembled five engines before the end of 2023. These were three CFM56-5Bs, one CF6-80C2, and one PW4056-3.

The engines are part of a lease return pool sourced from the company’s Asset Transaction Group and will be managed by GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group (FSG) for disassembly and redistribution.

Following the dismantling and repair by FSG’s Component Solutions team, the used serviceable material (USM) will be made available to GA Telesis customers worldwide in the early months of 2023.

“This is a continuation of our leadership position in the aftermarket as we head into 2023,” said Component Solutions Group’s COO Alex Tuttle. “We very much understand our role as a critical supplier for cost-effective airline engine builds.”

Jason Reed, president of Flight Solutions Group, commented: “The Flight Solutions Group, along with the entire GA Telesis ecosystem, continues to drive economic supply chain solutions for the entire global USM space. With over 100 assets planned to be dismantled by our team in 2023, GA Telesis will continue to lead the way in the aftermarket, ensuring the lowest possible maintenance costs and reliability as a whole.”

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