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Honeywell and APACS expand repairs and spare parts partnership

photo_camera Honeywell and APACS at MRO Asia-Pacific 2023

Honeywell and Asia Pacific Aircraft Component Services (APACS) have reaffirmed their long-term partnership by announcing additional Honeywell licences awarded to APACS.

The expanded partnership for licenses was agreed at MRO Asia-Pacific 2023 in Singapore, and enables APACS to perform repair activities on Honeywell’s Air Data Inertial Reference Unit (ADIRU) and Pre-Cooler Control Valve (PCCV) products.

The partnership also allows to explore associated material supply opportunities.

The first license encompasses a 10-year programme, allowing APACS (a subsidiary of SIA Engineering Company Limited (SIAEC) and joint venture with SR Technics Switzerland) to perform repairs on Honeywell ADIRU products for Airbus aircraft.

This complements the license granted to APACS in 2022 for Honeywell ADIRU products for Boeing aircraft.

The second license is a seven-year repair and material supply programme to enable APACS to perform repair activities for Honeywell PCCV products utilised in Boeing 737 aircraft.

Both programmes also enable the parties to explore sales opportunities for spare parts across various aircraft types.

Eric Ai, vice president, airlines, Asia Pacific, at Honeywell Aerospace, said: “We are thrilled about this extended partnership with APACS.

“Our successful track record of working with leading aerospace companies ensures that we are well equipped to supply quality component parts and repair services.

“We also look forward to opening new avenues of collaboration in the future, to continue boosting APACS’ capabilities in servicing the civil aviation industry in the region.”

Wong Yue Jeen, chairman of the board at APACS, said: “We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Honeywell, enhancing our capabilities, particularly in ADIRU and PCCV repairs.

“This significant milestone underscores our commitment to deliver superior aviation solutions and better support the global aviation industry.

“With our extensive market reach and Honeywell’s high-quality products, we anticipate significant synergies and opportunities ahead.”

The ADIRU is a key component of the integrated Air Data Inertial Reference System (ADIRS), which supplies air data (airspeed, angle of attack, and altitude) and inertial reference (position and attitude) information to the pilots’ electronic flight instrument system displays as well as other systems such as the engines, autopilot, aircraft flight control system, and landing gear systems.

The PCCV controls the amount of fan cooling air that flows through the pre-cooler, resulting in a controlled bleed air outlet temperature.

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