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IAI’s Bedek awarded AS9110C Standard certification

IAI Bedek

Bedek, Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Maintenance Organisation, has received the AS9110C Standard Certification. The award is for the management of maintenance and continuous airworthiness for aircraft, civilian or military, requiring MRO services.

The new certification will enable the company to provide new services to leading international airlines of this standard.

Certifiable credibility

This certification is specifically tailored to the regulatory requirements, aviation law, and global aviation regulations; with the understanding that the intended lifespan of aircraft is fifty years or more after production; and therefore a high level of maintenance is crucial to their safe and continuous operation. Provided by the NSF Certifying Body, it demonstrates IAI’s continued commitment to the highest standards and work quality within the aerospace industry.

The certificate will streamline business and operational efficiency within the organisation, driving an increase in business.

The strictest of standards

IAI executive vice president & the Aviation Group’s general manager, Mr. Yossi Melamed, said: “IAI’s Aviation Group is committed to the most stringent standards in all fields, including aircraft maintenance and MRO services for aircraft engines and aircraft accessories.

“Certification to the AS9110C Standard further establishes the recognition of the global aviation industry for the Group’s operations. [This] represents a major upgrade for our aviation maintenance units. I strongly believe this will open the door to new potential customers for the company.”

IAI Bedek
Maintenance performed on foreign airline aircraft

Bedek, formerly The Bedek Group, is part of IAI’s Aviation Group. It was the initial offering of IAI when the company launched in 1953, serving as the government’s “repair station” for aircraft maintenance.

Since then, IAI has expanded into areas, such as aerial defense, aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles, detection systems, and intelligence solutions. Despite this, the company still considers the aviation maintenance unit as a leading anchor, enabling continued growth and profitability.

IAI’s Aviation Group established in early 2019, consolidates all operations involving manned aircraft, both military and civilian, within IAI. Among its main areas of activity are MRO services for aircraft engines and aircraft accessories, production of aircraft and aerostructures, and the conversion of passenger aircraft to air-freighters.

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