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Live and online: MRO Management July 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of MRO Management. The cover story in the July issue, which coincides with the Farnborough International Airshow 2022, looks at how ‘future’ technologies – robotics and artificial intelligence – are in fact being deployed right now in the aircraft maintenance environment. Use cases are not limited to logistics and transportation, but also encompass inspections and repairs. This can lead to efficiency gains, faster turnaround times and lower costs, while maintaining or even raising quality standards.

The biggest deterrent to uptake though remains the often huge investment cost – and so the long-term cost-benefit ratio must be carefully considered.

Sometimes old-fashioned hard work and strong collaboration just cannot be beaten. And these are two of the factors that have helped the state of Oklahoma become one of the world’s leading MRO hubs. Other factors include its central location in the US, the level of state support companies are eligible to receive, and the low cost of living and doing business there. “Many still don’t realise the critical role Oklahoma plays in the [MRO] sector,” the state’s Governor Kevin Stitt told us. Perhaps if they read our feature on this fast-growing MRO hub, they might get a better idea.

Analysing the world’s geographic regions, our ‘Industry Focus’ series continues with an exploration of Asia Pacific’s MRO industry, as HAECO, ST Engineering and SIA Engineering offer their thoughts on Covid recovery and the investments that will be required to position themselves for the future.

Elsewhere, Rolls-Royce’s Trent engines are in the spotlight. Just as the manufacturer offers a family of engines, it also has a family of MRO partners ready and waiting to deliver the lifelong care they require.

In ‘Legal Matters’, Washington Aviation Group attorney-at-law Ryan Aggergaard navigates the world of trademarks and copyrights as he offers some fascinating insights into the steps your company can take to safeguard its intellectual property – and just as importantly, its reputation.

And Drallim Industries, which designs and manufactures a range of solutions in support of MRO companies, is the subject of our ‘Top Table’ interview. There is a focus on the future here too; new requirements require new innovations. For his part, Drallim’s managing director Dave Mooney is “keen to see what the drone age will bring for MRO”.

And so are we. Click here to read the digital issue.

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