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“Dedicated to driving digitalisation”: Lufthansa Technik creates powerhouse digital ecosystem after taking ownership of Swiss-AS

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Lufthansa Technik has taken ownership of Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS), putting together the software company’s AMOS platform with AVIATAR and flydocs to create a digital tech ops ecosystem.

Swiss International Air Lines transferred the ownership of its Swiss-AS subsidiary to Lufthansa Technik at the end of 2022.

Lufthansa Technik said AMOS complements the data and analytics solutions that make up AVIATAR as well as the Flydocs digital records and asset solutions, all of which are already under the same organisational roof.

Swiss-AS will remain an autonomous company under the new structural arrangement, with all other digital solutions in the ecosystem also remaining independent “but under one umbrella”.

The three solutions (AMOS, AVIATAR and flydocs) are the pillars of Lufthansa Technik’s Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem that will “create additional value for customers using a customer-centric and collaborative approach” while “connecting the dots between the modularly designed solutions”.

Image: Lufthansa Technik. Click to enlarge

The new ecosystem is intended to “reduce MRO costs, enhance process efficiency, increase operational stability and aircraft availability and also optimise asset values”.

According to Lufthansa Technik, the ecosystem’s five principles are: it is open to collaborate and link with customers or external digital solutions, modular to make individual use of parts feasible and it is neutral, meaning, that a customer stays independent of OEMs and MROs. It is also secure, granting customers full control and ownership of their data. It will be seamless to ensure a consistent workflow and data access across solutions.

“We are happy to welcome our experienced and successful colleagues of Swiss-AS to the Lufthansa Technik Group. It makes us proud that the world’s leading M&E/MRO software AMOS becomes a core part of our strategic focus on digital solutions,” said Lufthansa Technik’s CFO Dr. William Willms.

“From now on, AMOS together with AVIATAR and flydocs form the new Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem. By joining forces we are sending a clear signal that we are dedicated to driving digitalisation along the entire tech ops value stream for the benefit of and together with our customers.”

Dr. Claus Bauer, VP technical fleet management of SWISS, commented: “We are convinced that AMOS, as a centrepiece of the neutral and independent Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem, can expand its strengths even better together with Lufthansa Technik and its digital Tech Ops solutions. There is great potential for AMOS on its own, but even more so in combination with AVIATAR and flydocs.”

Swiss-AS’ CEO Fabiano Faccoli said: “While AMOS is the core system in a technical operation’s IT solutions landscape, its unparalleled integration capability is the key to ensure true end-to-end digitalisation across the full value chain. Although AMOS is capable of integrating with any other market player, we believe that a tight alignment with the other Tech Ops Ecosystem solutions enables us to digitalise our customers faster using industry data exchange standards.”

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