Lufthansa Technik to provide Airline MRO Parts with consumable & expendable materials

Airline MRO Parts (AMP) has signed a long-term agreement with Lufthansa Technik for the supply of consumable & expendable (C&E) materials.

The customised agreement guarantees AMP the availability of C&E materials for its airline and MRO network across the Americas, including support of all MRO Holdings operating companies.

The exclusive three-year programme begins immediately with options to extend.

“AMP is excited about partnering with Lufthansa Technik in one of their strongest performing products to support MRO Holdings and our airlines and MRO customers,” said AMP’s vice president of supplier alliances Michael James.

Lufthansa Technik’s senior director sales Latin America Robin Johansson commented: “We are thrilled that AMP chose Lufthansa Technik for the C&E supply. This is a breakthrough for Lufthansa Technik’s product ‘C&E supply’. This agreement will ensure highest possible material availability resulting in a reliable operation for AMP and its entire customer base.”

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