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Magnetic Engines completes CFM56-3 core performance restoration for Thai Airways

Magnetic Engines

Magnetic Engines has successfully completed the core performance restoration on two CFM56-3 engines for Thai Airways.

Laura Roke, business development manager at Magnetic Group, said: “This achievement marks a significant milestone for Magnetic Engines as it represents our first full-core performance restoration on the CFM56 engine series.

“During rigorous test cell runs, these engines exhibited exceptional performance, with a remarkable 31 degrees of EGT Margin at 23,500 pounds of thrust, highlighting the superior quality of our engine repair services.”

The current challenges in spare parts repair have been formidable.

Repair vendors continue to grapple with reduced productivity, resulting in extended turnaround times for engine parts repair.

Some components now require 120-150 days for repair, compared to the previous 30-60 days pre-Covid, significantly prolonging the engine repair process.

However, proactive collaboration within the Magnetic Trading team enables the Engine team to leverage exchanges, effectively reducing repair turnaround times.

Roke added: “Our expansion to a state-of-the-art facility in 2022, covering over 1,000 square meters, significantly contributed to our growth. This facility accommodates the simultaneous repair of up to five engines, offers storage capacity for 10 engines, and provides facilities for engine and engine component storage and maintenance.”

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