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Magnetic MRO pioneers autonomous vehicles at Tallinn Airport

Magnetic MRO has begun using autonomous vehicles to transport employees and small packages between hangars at Tallinn Airport in Estonia.

Magnetic MRO, a member of Magnetic Group, said it was “constantly looking for ways to be more agile and work smarter”.

“In cooperation with Auve Tech and AS Tallinna Lennujaam, we have developed a logistics solution to help move people and goods autonomously at the airport and between hangars,” said Magnetic MRO’s supply chain manager Raivo Roolaid. “This method is also significantly more environmentally friendly.”

The self-driving vehicles are made by Estonian manufacturer Auve Tech, which focuses on last-mile transportation in pre-mapped areas. Electric self-driving buses have eight seats and are equipped with several sensors, such as LiDARs and cameras, that ensure 360-degree visibility and quick response at all times, the company said.

“Our purpose is to bring the service of autonomous vehicles to the Tallinn airport area for the first time. That’s how we can improve the logistics on the airport grounds and help reach sustainable goals for daily operations. This project is a practical example for airports all over the world,” said Johannes Mossov, a member of the board of Auve Tech.

Riivo Tuvike, chairman of the AS Tallinna Lennujaam board, stated that Auve Tech’s decision to test its autonomous vehicles on the airport territory “is purposeful – the movement here requires complying with several rules and procedures”. He added: “This allows us to create an unprecedented experience on how to use autonomous vehicles for airport needs in the future. For instance, to transport passengers.” Tallinn Airport has always considered such innovation a necessity, he concluded.

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