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Pulse Aviation signs up for Embraer’s Beacon maintenance coordination platform

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Florida, US-based Pulse Aviation has signed a contract with Embraer-X to use its ‘Beacon’ maintenance coordination platform, which is designed to connect resources and professionals for faster return-to-service aircraft.

Pulse, a business aviation company providing maintenance, repair, and operations, said it would use Beacon to enhance its maintenance coordination, simplify communication around maintenance events of all types of aircraft models, boost team collaboration, improve knowledge exchange, and streamline workflows around maintenance events.

“We are confident our support for Pulse Aviation will ensure their maintenance coordination stays ahead of the game in this ultra-competitive industry,” said Marco Cesarino, head of Beacon.

“Beacon’s fleet agnostic approach improves coordination of any kind of maintenance event, empowering all stakeholders working on maintenance events to get back time and energy, thereby boosting productivity while fuelling customer satisfaction and profitability.”

With over 25 years of experience, Pulse Aviation’s speciality lies in avionics systems, troubleshooting repair, and scheduled maintenance services to keep the aircraft at optimum performance while aligning with safety and airworthiness regulations.

“We are strongly positioned in a very demanding market segment and partnering with Beacon supports more collaborative and efficient maintenance dynamics,” said Pulse Aviation’s CEO and founder Daniel Rios. “Beacon is a game-changer solution designed to improve team awareness of critical events, consolidate fragmented communication, and ensure a swifter return-to-service for our customers.”

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