Revima launches new website to reflect range of recent developments at the company

Revima has launched its new website, which the company said featured its expanded services.

The website went live on 12 September and “uses the latest technologies, making it more responsive and intuitive”. The website allows users to discover all of Revima’s services and facilities, as well as job opportunities worldwide and the possibility to apply online.

“The expansion of our services in the last few years, and more specifically the opening of a new state-of-the-art landing gear repair & overhaul facility in Thailand, the integration of our engine parts repair facility near Paris and of our digital company FlightWatching in Toulouse, as well as the development of our material solutions facility in Yainville, required the creation of a new website,” explained Revima Group’s president and CEO Olivier Legrand.

“This new website is fully aligned with Revima’s commitment to be close to our customers, partners, and employees.”

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