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Live and online: MRO Management, September 2021

MRO Management September 2021
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Welcome to the September 2021 issue of MRO Management.

What’s the best way to show off an airline? Perhaps through word of mouth as a result of great inflight service. Perhaps through advertising. Or perhaps, simply, through a great aircraft livery that people will notice at the airport or in the sky.

That’s where the painting and coatings industry comes in. An aircraft’s original paint job must not only look fantastic, but also be able withstand tough technical challenges – while airline operators will also be looking at factors such as weight and environmental impact.

Commercial aircraft exteriors are then repainted and refurbished every five to six years throughout their operational lives, and can be the vital finishing touch in a fruitful MRO project. Our cover story explores the colourful world of aircraft painting.

In another major feature in this issue we assess the state of the widebody MRO market. Drastic cuts in long-haul international passenger travel resulting from the Covid-19 crisis will resonate throughout the sector for years to come, but growth ultimately will return. The important question is, when?

Power and protection are the other key drivers of this issue. We see what it takes to maintain hydraulic and pneumatic systems and look at the latest solutions and challenges in developing, producing and maintaining nacelles and thrust reversers.

In the communications MRO Management has had with various companies and experts in the industry in the past few weeks there’s been a noticeable air of renewed optimism, as the world returns to normal following the Covid-19 crisis. There are still challenges ahead – notably in ensuring that travel restrictions are removed as soon as possible – but out of any crisis come opportunities.

In our regular Industry voices, Trend watch and Innovation spotlight sections that is made clear, whether through new technologies, contracts or the establishment of new companies. Or, indeed, through a change in market conditions – there are more available aircraft and aircraft parts than there is demand right now, for example, and that means opportunity for airlines and MROs.

As ever, those companies who make the most of opportunities as they arise are most likely to be the ones able to show off their success when the good times return – perhaps even through a creative and spectacular aircraft paint job.

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