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Magnetic MRO hopes improved IT infrastructure will drive business growth

Magnetic MRO

Magnetic MRO has signed an extended deal with its IT services provider to improve its IT infrastructure and services.

The Estonia-headquartered MRO company has worked with BTT Cloud since 2014, and the pair have now agreed to extend the current managed IT and cloud services agreement they have in place.

BTT Cloud previously mainly supported Vilnius-based users and related IT infrastructure but will now provide full-scope managed IT services to all Magnetic MRO employees across the Baltics. It will also handle Magnetic’s IT and cloud infrastructure.

Magnetic MRO described the deal as a “natural step” in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in importance of “digitalisation and well-balanced IT processes”. It hopes to enable business growth and provide employees with high quality, timely support.

Magnetic MRO’s IT manager Rolandas Dirgela commented: “IT plays a vital role in most businesses, however, the aviation industry has been somewhat slower to adopt it. Covid-19 has accelerated the digitalisation [and] it did, indeed, push us to make this decision faster.

“With the recently expanded partnership with BTT Cloud, we are taking one more step towards digitalisation.”

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