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MRO Management December 2020

Welcome to the December 2020 issue of MRO Management. Wherever you are, and whatever has
happened to you this year, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ve felt like you were stuck in your own version of the movie Groundhog Day. Days seemingly all the same, in the same place, with plenty of bad news and no way out.

However, with the recent positive developments in Covid-19 vaccine production and distribution, there might just be a way out now – and a return to some sort of normalcy in our lives. There could be a recovery in the MRO sector too in 2021.

In a new section called Industry voices, we bring together the views of leaders and experts in the MRO sector. In the first edition, NAVEO Consultancy managing director Richard Brown explains why the green shoots of recovery are there – and why spring and summer 2021 look to ...