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MRO Management April/May 2020

Recent years have been a boom time for commercial aviation but those of us with a long experience in the industry can remember when there was some turbulence – 9/11, SARS, oil prices, economic crises – when growth stagnated or even stopped. However, this industry is remarkably resilient and the inexorable growth continues.

Coronavirus is possibly the biggest international crisis to hit the world apart from a major war. This time, commercial aviation has really suffered, with mass groundings of passenger aircraft as scheduled services were stopped, often at very short notice. In the short term, many people were stranded away from home and had to be repatriated, offering some relief to those airlines who managed to get some charter work. Now, the skies are a lot emptier, although freight flying has massively increased, with passenger aircraft being used to carry belly cargo, or even in overhead bins and on seats.

While no ...