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Pratt & Whitney expands predictive maintenance capabilities following Teledyne Controls agreement

Pratt & Whitney agreement with Teledyne Controls

Pratt & Whitney has signed an agreement with data delivery solutions provider Teledyne Controls to enhance engine health management services.

Teledyne Controls uses technology to collect, manage and deliver aircraft data to more than 300 global airlines. The collaboration focuses on Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft among Teledyne’s customer base.

“Working with Teledyne Controls, Pratt & Whitney will expand its capabilities for collecting full-flight data to a larger population of aircraft,” said Pratt & Whitney’s vice president of global aftermarket operations Joe Sylvestro.

“By using a service that many airlines already subscribe to, we will leverage an existing ecosystem to bring additional benefit to our customers. These advanced engine parameter data points will paint a cohesive digital picture of aircrafts’ health, further enabling Pratt & Whitney to draw insights and provide predictive maintenance.”

Teledyne Controls said its data delivery solutions would expand the channels of customer data access for Pratt & Whitney and enhance the services offered through its ‘EngineWise’ solutions.

“We are thrilled to be working with Pratt & Whitney to ensure our customers are receiving the best care for their engines,” said Teledyne Controls’ vice president of sales and marketing Michael Penta.

“We believe in having a community available to support the customer. As the digital service provider, we are the conduit between the airline and the OEM, feeding selected parameters of the full-flight data to Pratt & Whitney, while giving the airline control over the sharing of their aircraft flight data. We realise each airline is different; therefore, we work with each customer, ensuring their data gets where it needs to go.”

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