S7 Technics launches engine redelivery service

S7 Technics

S7 Technics has announced the launch of its new “complex” engine redelivery service.

The company also announced that it has performed the redelivery of CFM56-3/-5B/-7B leasing engines and ensured their proper storage.


Due to the decline in passenger traffic since the outbreak of coronavirus, many airlines are having to return aircraft or leased engines, which often requires work on their long-term conservation, for the purpose of further storage.

S7 Technics sales director Kirill Khilevich notes how the company’s new service has seen quite high demand, with several requests having already been received from airlines.

He comments: “Usually, this kind of work is performed on a removed engine abroad. The lease contract will not be closed until the engine is fully equipped, inspected and declared as serviceable.

“Our advantage is that we do all necessary work before returning the engine to the lessor. This saves time, money, and also allows you to close the lease contract and stop paying the rental fee.”

Each engine is released with an EASA Form 1 certificate, which gives the opportunity to the next operator to install the engine on aircraft and continue its operation. The lessor can find a new lessee as soon as possible and continue to receive payments from the aircraft engine leasing.

All necessary equipment was purchased and currently available at S7 Technics home bases in Moscow and Mineralnye Vody. Up to three engine shop specialists are required to prepare the engine for lease return and it takes about three to six days to complete the full range of works.

The complex service of engine redelivery is also provided on the customer’s facilities.

S7 Technics’ facilities are certified by EASA, Bermuda DCA, the Russian Aviation Authority, and a number of other national aviation authorities to carry out maintenance for different types of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft airliners.

For more information, visit 7technics.ru.

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