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Saudia awards digital analytics and cabin interior contract to Boeing

photo_camera SAUDIA airlines signs agreement with Boeing for suite of services to improve their 787 Dreamliner and 777 fleets' operational efficiency. (Photo credit: SAUDIA)

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) has awarded a contract to Boeing to provide a ‘suite of services’ to improve the efficiency of the airline’s 787 Dreamliner and 777 fleets.

As part of the agreement, Saudia will utilise Boeing’s ‘Optimised Maintenance Programme’ (OMP) to provide insights for improved maintenance operations, as well as its ‘Airplane Health Management’ (AHM) digital solution, which applies predictive maintenance analytics and diagnostic tools to help improve maintenance decisions.

“As ever, Saudia is continuously focused on operational efficiency, optimal fleet utilisation, and deployment,” said Saudia’s CEO Captain Ibrahim S. Koshy. “We see our continued alliance with Boeing and these essential services as an enabler that will help to drive our progress toward this vision.”

Boeing will also provide interior modification services for Saudia’s 777 fleet, including design, certification, and supply of parts required for completion.

Boeing Global Services’ president and CEO Ted Colbert said: “Our Boeing consulting teams have partnered closely with Saudia for many years to find new opportunities to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency. We are delighted to continue this partnership by applying our advanced digital solutions.

“Similarly, Saudia will be able to rely on our 777 interiors engineering expertise throughout the course of their fleet reconfiguration plans.”

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