Seabury Solutions’ Alkym platform continues to deliver for Ravn Alaska’s MRO operations


US regional airline Ravn Alaska has re-confirmed its commitment to Seabury Solutions’ end-to-end enterprise MRO IT platform ‘Alkym’.

Alkym’s allows customers to manage aircraft maintenance, compliance and material logistics. Seabury Solutions’ senior vice president Bruce Gowling said operational enhancements for Ravn Alaska would be plentiful.

These include ‘Executive Dashboards’, which provides “up-to-the-minute key performance indicators which optimise the airline’s overall performance and adaptability to the demands of day-to-day operations”, according to Gowling.

‘Trend Monitoring & Alerting’ is said to empower the airline’s leadership team “to focus on the most pressing management and operational issues”.

Finally, a fleet management console serves as a central hub for cross-departmental communication, “streamlining the information flow and eliminating email-based information silos”.

Gowling said: “These advantages, combined with other Alkym capabilities, enable Ravn Alaska to meet and exceed its financial and operational objectives, specifically increasing revenues, reducing and controlling costs while improving its industry reputation and goodwill in responding to daily operational requirements.”

Ravn Alaska described Alkym as one of its “core” IT systems, with the solution enabling it to “meet and exceed our operational and financial objectives”.


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