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SR Technics Malta and Aerospheres partner to enhance maintenance efficiency

SR Technics Malta has signed a chemical consignment agreement with Aerospheres UK.

The partnership, which begins this month, covers the storage and supply of Aerospheres’ own paints, adhesives, sealants, cleaners and lubricants required for aircraft maintenance.

All materials will be stored at the SR Technics Malta facility.

SR Technics said that because there is an average ten-day period from the purchase of hazardous materials in the UK to incoming goods inspection and delivery in Malta, the ability to have inventory on-site would allow Aerospheres “to provide almost same-day delivery while saving on inventory holding costs”.

Aerospheres’ CEO Paul Thompson said: “We are excited that SR Technics is now part of our consignment programme. The partnership will benefit both organisations through economies of scale and on-time deliveries, thereby reducing investments in inventory and products scrapped. A fantastic customer to service, and we look forward to supporting them.”

SR Technics Malta’s head of supply chain, aircraft services Mike Sigley commented: “This new partnership will help render our supply chain more efficient and effective. It allows us to continue reducing our supplier base while driving down operational costs. We are happy to have Aerospheres onboard with us as a key supplier.”

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