Transavia France extends use of Trax software to go mobile and paperless

Trax eMobility

Transavia France is adding Trax’s suite of ‘eMobility’ apps to the core maintenance system it is already using.

Transavia will go mobile and paperless, transitioning to electronic technical logbooks and digital task cards.

Trax said eMobility apps are “task-based and intuitive” for end users, enhancing productivity and requiring minimal training.

App users can access real-time information and are connected from anywhere with mobile off-line capability. The aim is to reduce aircraft maintenance delays, make savings on labour manhours, and increase operational efficiency.

Transavia will implement the ‘iOS PilotLog’, ‘CabinLog’, ‘QuickTurn’ and ‘AeroDox’ apps along with the web-based ‘Task Control’ app in a first phase. In a second phase, the airline will implement Trax’s ‘EzStock’, ‘VisualCheck’ and ‘Production Control’ apps.

Using the electronic technical logbook will allow communication between flight and maintenance crews, reporting of aircraft and cabin defects, a permanent record of aircraft maintenance history, the electronic certificate of release, and other functionalities.

The ‘AeroDox’ app enables search, view and download of reference documentation needed for work performance. It features OEM publications such as AMM, IPC, wirings, SRM, MEL and other manuals as well as documentation in formats such as SGML, XML, PDF, Images, Schematics, Videos and Word docs.

“We are constantly looking to identify innovative solutions for our operations,” commented Transavia France chief operations officer Hervé Boury. “With this new eMobility tool developed by our partner Trax, we will streamline the maintenance process for our aircraft. All the documents useful for managing the continuing airworthiness of our aircraft will be digitised, allowing teams to focus on their essential tasks and save precious time.”

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