Turkish Technic signs agreement in Malaysia as it looks to Asia Pacific

Turkish Technic and Sapura

Turkish Technic has said it has begun evaluating investment opportunities in Asia Pacific that are “aligned with its international expansion strategy”.

The MRO company noted the region’s “exponential” fleet growth rate and said it offered a “wide customer portfolio” for the MRO market.

Turkish Technic said it was currently making MRO investments in Malaysia and had signed an agreement with Sapura Technics, a subsidiary of Sapura Resources.

“Without a doubt, aviation and MRO sector are one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic,” said Turkish Airlines’ chairman of the board and the executive committee İlker Aycı.

“During these challenging times, we aim to distinguish ourselves from the competition in a positive way by increasing our capabilities, expanding our customer portfolio, and continuing our investment and growth efforts without cutting pace. Therefore, we aspire to expand our investments in the Asia Pacific region, which is the fastest developing region in the world and is expected to have the highest fleet ratio in the near future.

“We believe that these investments will be of great importance for our company and our country’s civil aviation. We are continuously evaluating the investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. This project, which is due to be realised, is of great importance in terms of achieving our company’s goals of increasing its market share in the global MRO market.”

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