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ABC International brands cabin of Corsair A330 neo

Corsair ABC

ABC International has been involved into a design modernisation project that Corsair undertook in 2020 as part of its customer experience enhancement strategy.

Starting from the concept design, ABC International provided Corsair with a “full package solution” resulting in a unique branding panel for its cabin.

This is the first collaboration between French airline and the “Italian Cabin Branding specialist” for the design, manufacturing and installation approval of Corsair Branding Elements.

The company said that the Corsair marketing team was looking for a design that could be fully integrated and harmonised into the cabin “in order to make the customers experience truly unique and memorable, while guaranteeing the highest feeling of quality and comfort for the passenger”.

ABC International VP of Engineering, Olindo Spatola, said: “The airliner logo is shown throughout the whole aircraft cabin, thanks to the specific installation in three different locations. The first logo is installed facing the passengers onto the wall of the Front Row monument (back side of the “G1A”), the second one is installed on the wall of the Galley “G2A”, just in front of the entry door, so that the passenger can almost immediately feel the new cabin environment and atmosphere and recognise the French airline brand.

“The third logo may be clearly seen by the passenger while walking through the cabin and going towards aft direction, as it is installed on the wall of the Galley “G4F”.

According to the company, the contrast given by the metal brushed backplate and the chromed airline script makes the branding panel sophisticatedly elegant, durable and strong at the same time, just like it was intended to be.

The branding panels have been installed inside the cabin of the A330-900 aircrafts owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair airliner.

ABC International successfully managed the program in the frame of two different installation scenarios, as well as different stakeholders. The “G2A” was delivered by Safran, whilst the other ones were delivered by Stelia Aerospace.


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