Aerobility joins forces with Biggin Hill airport for Armchair Airshow


Aerobility, the disabled flying charity, has joined forces with London Biggin Hill Airport, to take the Armchair Airshow to new heights – “live from the cockpit”.

The 2021 edition is set for Saturday 29 May. With the airport as its backdrop, the Armchair Airshow says it will once-more reimagine the airshow experience, live streamed to your living room, “bringing the thrill of live aviation direct to your home”, wherever you are.


Names familiar to the show such as George ‘Smokey’ Bacon and Mike Ling will be joined by roving reporter, pilot and TV presenter Arthur Williams, along with aviators and display teams from all over the world.

Neil Tucker, Aerobility flyer, said: “There was a chance that I was never going to walk again… Then Aerobility took me from a very, very dark corner that I was in, and when I was well enough, fit enough and frankly safe enough to come to Aerobility, I took a test flight… All of a sudden, I was 18 years old again, the years melted off, the injuries didn’t even exist, the pain doesn’t exist, it’s just magic, just absolute magic…Aerobility has got a wonderful way of changing people’s lives for the better.”

Aerobility CEO, Mike Miller-Smith, added:  “Thanks to support from London Biggin Hill Airport, we will be able to deliver more of this support, to more people. The airport understands us and they get what we do. Access to aviation, provides a magical experience, a focus on capabilities and a relief from the restrictions of disability, that can change lives.”


Biggin Hill Airport head of CSR and sustainability Colin Hitchins, said “After seeing the Armchair Airshow last year and the great work it makes possible at Aerobilty, we knew we had to be involved. Not only did the 2020 show bring us flights in the Space Shuttle and exclusive display footage from the Red Arrows but it raised significant funds in support of disabled flying. The benchmark is definitely high, but we can’t wait to support Aerobility with achieving even more this year.”

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