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Alaska Airlines equips cabin crew with Ditto app

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San Francisco, California-based Ditto’s Intelligent Edge Platform is powering a new task management and peer-to-peer connectivity enterprise app for Alaska Airlines flight attendants.

Alaska Airlines is the first US airline to adopt Ditto, giving crew members powerful collaboration tools with real-time data, even when network connectivity is unavailable, and supplying enterprises with analytics that were previously inaccessible.

Ditto’s Intelligent Edge Platform enables real-time, peer-to-peer communication without internet. By powering Alaska Airlines’ crew-to-crew collaboration app, flight attendants are able to more efficiently perform internal processes such as guest services and delivery of onboard products.

Additionally, because airlines operate in different work environments both on the ground and in the sky, their software tools require a new architecture to work reliably. Ditto’s Intelligent Edge Platform harnesses the power of the edge devices themselves to process and communicate data, circumventing the necessity of a central server.

“Ditto is excited about the opportunity to help Alaska Airlines digitize its crew members,” said Adam Fish, Ditto co-founder and CEO. “Our Intelligent Edge Platform enables Alaska Airlines’ enterprise app to truly work at the edge which is where crew do their jobs. So, it’s essential for them to access real-time safety data and passenger preferences, regardless of internet status, in order to perform their jobs well. Without the digitization of key processes, airlines miss out on crucial data and analytics as well as communications capabilities that are important for greater operational efficiencies and more highly optimized customer experiences.”

Ditto’s Intelligent Edge offers unified, real-time data sync for mobile, web, IoT, and server apps, even without the internet. The complete solution features an SDK with a peer-to-peer (P2P) mesh network, embedded database, and is capable of automatic conflict resolution, as well as a cloud database that can handle extreme resiliency, automatic scalability for handling unpredictable loads, and seamless integration via APIs.

General commercial aviation communications are made much more efficient by simply embedding Ditto’s Intelligent Edge Platform into existing apps. Ditto allows paper processes to be digitized and synced in real-time across all crew devices, even in an airplane where network connectivity is limited or completely unavailable.

Alaska Airlines vice president of information technology Vikram Baskaran commenting on the Ditto relationship said: “Our approach to developing frontline tools prioritizes close partnership with our flight attendants during each step of development. Ditto has been a great partner in ensuring our tools are seamless for our Flight Attendants. With their help, we have been able to support our workgroup by providing visibility of one another’s inflight mobile device to see when an order has been delivered in real-time.”


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