APEX/IFSA Board green-lights sustainable supplier programme

The Airline Passenger Experience Association plans to implement a green programme open to all APEX/IFSA supplier members seeking to validate the sustainability lifecycle of their products for the benefit of airlines.

“To maximize sustainability efficiency across our industry and to minimise cost,” it said. “member airlines will share sustainable supplier products that are approved through their procurement process.”

APEX said it would update this green supplier information regularly to all member airlines. “In addition, the APEX Green Governance Board will convene all airlines in quarterly review meetings to continuously advance sustainability standards.

At this year’s APEX/IFSA EXPO various board members spoke strongly for the motion.

For some time now Star Alliance as an organization and with our members has been working to drive the agenda of responsible sourcing.  That includes looking to see how our partners can also adopt principles of sustainability through the supply chain” said Jeffrey Goh, CEO, Star Alliance

“We have a very aggressive sustainability action plan. In everything we are doing sustainability remains at the forefront, and we believe that collaborating with suppliers is a very important aspect of this,” added Justin Erbacci, CEO, Los Angeles World Airports.

APEX said it would be sharing more details about the initiative over the coming days and weeks.

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