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Boeing develops improved 787 paint system for peel issues

Boeing is requesting an exemption from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to improve its aircraft painting system to improve the look of its 787 aircraft, reports Flightglobal.

A new system which has undergone testing by the US airframer will overcome paint peeling problems on exposed upper surfaces of the wings and horizontal stabilizers.

As a temporary fix, Boeing recommends using speed tape although because passengers can easily see the upper wing surfaces, images circulating on social media have generated an adverse public safety perception.

Flightglobal explains that the paint on the composite-built 787 dispenses with the need to sand down aircraft surfaces and also the need to reapply the basic and exterior primer. However Boeing has found that ultraviolet light delaminates the intermediate coating from the exterior primer, causing the white topcoat to peel.

“The fix sought by Boeing is to incorporate a black UV-blocking paint layer between the exterior primer and the topcoat,” reported the aviation news service.

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